take two on Croissants

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this is my 2nd time making croissants and turned out much better. one of my batches had some of the butter leeking out but still turned out fine. i had them rising in the oven with the  light on not such a great idea. Anyways ill post a few pics. I think the other croissants will have a more balance crumb.The one i cut was the most puffed up. i will let you know later.


American classic made sourdough style

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i decided  to go with some classics white Sandwich and banana bread and make them sourdough. technically not american but i grew up on them. The Banana Bread still uses baking powder and soda but will have a tang to it. With ith the white bread i used and overnight preferment and then the mixed and bulk ferment for around 5 hours and rinsed for 2 1/2 hours and baked for about 40 minutes. Banana bread was the normal mix wet then dry ingredients. the combine lightly  so you don’t work the gluten to much then baked 325 for 1 hour. both Recipes are adapted for  discovering sourdough

Soft White bread sourdough


-Sourdough starter 166%  126 g/water 113g/ww four 42 g/ap flour 96 g mix this the night before

Final dough mix

-Preferment/56 g water/evaporated milk 85 g/melted butter 28 g/Honey 14 g/bread flour 351.5 grams

Mix all ingredients except the salt and let the dough autolyse for 20 minutes covered, Then mix for 4 minutes with salt add flour as need. Let the dough rise for 4 hours in the mixing bowl and give the the dough hook two turns while bulk fermenting. i did stretch and fold only because my house was really cold and i put the dough in the oven with the light on for some heat. shape and bake at 375 for around 30-40 minutes.

sourdough banana bread


-sourdough starter 166%  255 grams/evaporated milk 113 g/5.5 oz banana/ sugar 99 g/oil 56.5 g/egg 1/


-ww flour 89 g/ap flour 155.5 g/salt 6 g/cinnamon 1 tsp/allspice 1/3 tsp/baking soda 1 tsp/baking powder 1 1/2 tsp/

Make it like you would with a normal banana Bread. I got these recipes from a book but you can easily change a lot of commercial yeast recipes by just removing the yeast as taking out the same amount of flour and water in you starer.

Dryad saddle mushroom

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This is not really a bread post but found a new mushroom today and thought i would share. Not really sure what im going to do with it yet most likely cook it with some butter and garlic.

walnut and cheese sourdough bread

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This was something i put together at the last minute need more time to bulk ferment but had to get it done for  an unplanned dinner, i just did a preferment i fed the starter 5 hours before need more but it was getting later so i put the preferment together any way. When i get up it was 2x in size. Mixed the rest of the ingredients and let it bulk ferment 6 hours. my starter is slow i’m working on a new one.  Then i portioned out the dough and folded in the cheese and the walnuts and rise in baskets for almost 5 hours. Then baked with stem steam and a stone. Haha half the cheese was already gone before i go to take a picture of it.

Sourdough Croissants

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i baked off a batch of sourdough croissants this morning still need to work on my laminating and shaping but they turned of fine. i would have took pics of me making them but i didn’t have a working camera at the time, but i took the finished product. this was my own recipe i need a lot more butter for the lamination but i will change it next time.

Today there are people coming over so im making a batch of sourdough cheese bread also starting a new sourdough starter and i will post about that later.

basic sourdough without a stone

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Thought i would do a basic sourdough with out a stone today. very easy and can be done in a days time. Only thing you wont get as thick of a crust and very little bubbles in you bread without a stone. Just make sure your starter is fed 8 hour before in in the refrigerator so hers the recipe very easy. there is cups measurement but i would buy a scale so you can get exact measurement.

Things you’ll need

-Mixer,Spry bottle,measuring cups/spoons or scale, mixing bowls,9 in glass bowl made for the oven, plastic cups, towel

1 cup of vigorous starter at 166%
hydration(fed at 1 part flour to
1 part water) – 9 oz
1 cup of tepid water – 8 oz
2 teaspoons oil – .3 oz
2 level teaspoons salt – .4 oz (this
will be added after mixing the
4 cups of bread flour – 18 oz

Gather all your ingredients


Then mix everything excepted the salt till it becomes kind of a soggy mess, Then cover and let it autolyse for 20 minutes it kind of means to let the dough absorb the water and develop gluten before adding salt.Image

After 20 minutes add salt and mix the dough for another 3 minutes on low. Take the dough out of the mixer and put in a biggish container and bulk ferment for 5 hours at room temperature covered . Mine took a little longer since my old starter is slowish around 6 hours. All starters have different times ill talk about That in my next post about making a starter. watch the dough it should be kind of puffy

After the bulk Ferment is done you want take a glass 9 in bowl and grease and and corn meal the bowl. now it’s time for shaping. poor the dough on a floured surface and tuck it in to a boule or ball. There are lot of tutorials online about shaping and all that later.



let it rise at room temp for 2 hour or more with a warm wet  depending on your starter. Make sure to preheat your oven to 450 for 15- 30 minutes before you put the bread in the oven.. slash any way you want i did 3 lines in mine. haha mine went a little longer than i wanted i was trying to finish up dinner. it got a little to bubbly but still worked out.

One thing you’ll need is a spry bottle of warm water before you put you bread in the oven so get that ready. Once you put the bread in the oven spry the side of the oven and close, Repeat every 2 minutes 3 times. After 10 minutes turn oven down to 425 a bake for 20 minutes. turn the loaf for even browning.. after that take bread out of the bowl and bake for another 5 minutes till brown on the bottom.



it turn out nice a soft with small bobbles and the crust was nice. Not like the artisan bread i normally make with a stone and more steam. Still would be fun for a first time sourdough bread. this wasn’t my idea got it from a book call discovering sourdough.

My adventure learning and doing sourdough bread and love of cycling and endurance sports

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Hello My Name is josh and i live in the small town of Bellefonte pa. this blog is going to be about my adventurers with Artisan bread, food, and my my love for endurance sports. i plan to post my experiments with sourdough from basics to advanced sourdough. Also ill be talking about Triathlon and cycling here and there. Hope you enjoy my blog i will have fun writing about it.