Thought i would do a basic sourdough with out a stone today. very easy and can be done in a days time. Only thing you wont get as thick of a crust and very little bubbles in you bread without a stone. Just make sure your starter is fed 8 hour before in in the refrigerator so hers the recipe very easy. there is cups measurement but i would buy a scale so you can get exact measurement.

Things you’ll need

-Mixer,Spry bottle,measuring cups/spoons or scale, mixing bowls,9 in glass bowl made for the oven, plastic cups, towel

1 cup of vigorous starter at 166%
hydration(fed at 1 part flour to
1 part water) – 9 oz
1 cup of tepid water – 8 oz
2 teaspoons oil – .3 oz
2 level teaspoons salt – .4 oz (this
will be added after mixing the
4 cups of bread flour – 18 oz

Gather all your ingredients


Then mix everything excepted the salt till it becomes kind of a soggy mess, Then cover and let it autolyse for 20 minutes it kind of means to let the dough absorb the water and develop gluten before adding salt.Image

After 20 minutes add salt and mix the dough for another 3 minutes on low. Take the dough out of the mixer and put in a biggish container and bulk ferment for 5 hours at room temperature covered . Mine took a little longer since my old starter is slowish around 6 hours. All starters have different times ill talk about That in my next post about making a starter. watch the dough it should be kind of puffy

After the bulk Ferment is done you want take a glass 9 in bowl and grease and and corn meal the bowl. now it’s time for shaping. poor the dough on a floured surface and tuck it in to a boule or ball. There are lot of tutorials online about shaping and all that later.



let it rise at room temp for 2 hour or more with a warm wet  depending on your starter. Make sure to preheat your oven to 450 for 15- 30 minutes before you put the bread in the oven.. slash any way you want i did 3 lines in mine. haha mine went a little longer than i wanted i was trying to finish up dinner. it got a little to bubbly but still worked out.

One thing you’ll need is a spry bottle of warm water before you put you bread in the oven so get that ready. Once you put the bread in the oven spry the side of the oven and close, Repeat every 2 minutes 3 times. After 10 minutes turn oven down to 425 a bake for 20 minutes. turn the loaf for even browning.. after that take bread out of the bowl and bake for another 5 minutes till brown on the bottom.



it turn out nice a soft with small bobbles and the crust was nice. Not like the artisan bread i normally make with a stone and more steam. Still would be fun for a first time sourdough bread. this wasn’t my idea got it from a book call discovering sourdough.