sourdough pumpernickel

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i was really dieing for some pumpernickel bead so i put together a quick 1 1/2 day bread. Also this was the first 3 lb loaf i’ve made in my oven, crumb was not as open  as i wanted. but my oven doesn’t hold in stem well so sometimes i have a hard time with that. Anyways decent texture, mild sour, and nice caraway seed taste.


New bakery site

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i finaly put up my site for my at home bakery here’s the site url http://www.wix.com/joshua1985/purely-sourdough#!home/mainPage

Bread stand….

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Had a good time at my bread stand today. met a few potential customers and made a little over what a paid to make every thing,  even with all the bread i had left. oh well lot’s of bread in the freezer is always good. haha the twice baked almond croissants disappeared fast, Anyways ill post a few pictures

Menu For ordering Bread

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So After doing the bread stand at milesburg. went well met a few new people who could be potential costumers. I Thought i would post a small menu of things you can order from me. There are a few conditions to ordering i need to know a head of time  at latest a week in advance if not more depending on the amount and the type of bread. also i would like at least 6 loafs orders. my storage is limited and raising bowls or banneton are also limited. some are different shapes.

-San Francisco sourdough $4.50
-Sourdough Croissants $2.00
-Sourdough twice baked almond croissant 3.00
– Sourdough Rustic Light Rye 3.50
-Mini sourdough boule $1.00
-50% spelt sourdough $4.00
-Salted Chocolate Chip cookies $0.75
-Sourdough Whole wheat Baguettes $2.50
these are my normal prices and i will be willing to take the price down for larger orders.  Down below are pictures of my products and yes i took them at my bread stand this weekend ^_^. I will be willing to do other stuff like holaday stuff brioches, danishes…..will need to be told in advanced i might need to try it first to see if i can make it properly. i can normally do well with any recipes by 2nd or 3rd time. Give me a email at purelysourdough@gmail.com thanks

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies- self explanatory jumbo chocolate chip seasoned with sea salt before baking

Mini boule- basic sourdough

Light rye ciabatta- light airy bread with a chewy texture

50% spelt- made with a 50 % spelt gives a nice nutty flavor.

whole wheat baguettes- Basic whole wheat sourdough

Almond croissant , and croissant- two kinds of croissants. The regular light flaky and buttery. the other is a twice backed croissant that is filled with almond paste, socked in syrup and back a 2nd time

San Francisco Sourdough- 4 day fermentation  sour taste with chewy texture.

Is it ciabatta….well kind of

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well i continuing my adventurer with high hydration doughs and though i would try this recipe. it’s was call a rustic light rye with sourdough starter. this was a great dough to work with very sticky and wet. simmer to the ciabatta but kind of a simpler recipe……i think considering ive never worked with ciabatta. it had a nice open crumb, sour , and chewy. sourness came for retardation and the rye flour. not this weekend but next ill be selling bread from a small stand. it will be at a community yard sale but good way to get my name out.

50 % spelt sourdough

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This was one of my creations, more of a utilization bread. i had a bunch of mother dough that needed to be used. i kind of just measured every thing by eye turned out well. there is no recipe just made it like you would with any other well except a preferment didn’t have to because of the mother dough. so i just did mix,bulk ferment with s&f, rise and bake.

100% whole grain sourdough

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So i just started trying out 100% whole Grain sourdough…..first try just didn’t turn out well ,so i didn’t take any pictures. Tomorrow ill be  trying a few new thing and i got a finer flour to work with. i bought a bag that was way to coarse but i sifted and ground it up with a coffee grinder as much as i could hate to waste money. I’m kind of a big utilize nothing goes to waist . Anyways i’m going to be trying a mush style bread witch means part of the flour you mix with 165 degree water and then in the oven for 3 hours at 150. so Ill post about that in a few days depending when i get time to post it.




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