Well i said i was going to do a short post about a starter so here it is.

It’s really easy to start you own starter. All you need is a clear glass of ceramic container,  pure water, whole wheat and unbleached bread or Ap flour. You can also use 100% pineapple of apple cider juice in place of water it will make the proses go much faster.Also you need a slightly warm place to do this once i tried to start a starter and my house was cold and it just didn’t work .At least like 65 degrees not more than 80

-Day 1

1/4 cup ww or rye flour

1/4 cup bread flour

1/2 cup water or Pineapple juice i use pineapple juice

-Day 2

Do nothing but mix to incorporate air

-Day 3 and 4

Do the same as day 1

-Day 5 -well forever as long as your starter survives could be for ever if well maintained

so this is where you just use flour and water,Also where you change it to whole wheat,rye,or white starter. I like to weight my flour and water out with a

scale. So i do around 3 oz rye and whole wheat and 3 oz water to keep it at 100% hydration. You can change it to white flour and the hydration to fit your needs. I plan to keep this as a rye starter and at 100 % hydration.


Day 1








Day 2








Day 3







Day 4








Day 5







There’s my short post about making a starter. i will talk about seed starters and mother dough later but this will get you started.