Sorry for the lack of post this and last month. My starter was not working right so i made a new one. i experimented on a few yeasted breads but i didn’t fill they where worthy of my site. Anyways i made this bread in the Morning and then went on a 40 mile bike ride with 3 big climbs. The heat was horrible but i still felt good. This bread was a 3 day. preferment, mix/refrigerator, and baked the next morning.


whole rye, 81g
water, 65g
rye starter (100%), 9g

-ferment 16 hours

final dough

bread flour, 485g
salt, 11g
raw spinach, 100g “i just nuked my in the microwave and squeezed all the liquid out of it and chopped it up”

blue cheese, 143g, crumbled “i used salton blue cheese but any kind will work”
water, 316g

an all ferment

Do the normal. Mix flour,water and let it sit for 30 minutes, then add salt and preferment mix for another 4 minutes on 4 or 5 on kitchen aid. if mixing by hand some thing like 10 minutes of kneading. I let the dough set for a few minutes to let the dough relax and mix the cheese and spinach. Balk ferment for 2-3 hours and 3 s&f in between. Place shaped dough in an banneton over night. bake in a 475 preheated oven with a stone steam and turn down to 425 after the bread is in the oven.



























This recipe wasn’t mine but i did make a few changes on it.

ill have a really exciting post next week im getting something new that will make my bread even greater . ill keep you in suspense haha^_^. Also in the next few days ill post a recipe from a new book i got the Bourke street bakery. That’s a really great book really well made and really nice pictures. The bakery is based in sydney australia man i really want to go there.