Ive been working on a sort of desem starter for a bit witch is kind of an old way to make a starter. It’s a really  thick starter that you keep in a cold place and it last much longer than regular starter.  What i did is took my extra starter and add alot of flour till it was think and put it in the refrigerator. then i keep doing that for a few weeks seem to work well. but it might now be the traditional way haha. Im not going to post a recipe since it now mine but i will put a link to where i got it. I used freshly ground flour so that made a Difference.  Here’s the post i used for the recipe There’s a better explanation of desem and the recipe  http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/27999/honest-bread-100-wholewheat-desem-bread-and-some-country-bread