Nothing to exciting this post there are a lot of crazy thing going on around my home but i managed to throw a sourdough together. I even mixed it with the mixer not something i normally do not do for sourdough bread. Normal procedure preferment night before. Then put the bread together, retard over night bake the next day. The only one i cut open was the bread loaf shape one tasted great but is had small holes in the crumb , might have happened because i put it in a small loaf pan. The other two hopefully had better crumb, but i could have just throw the bread in the over to early i had to get it done. I got part of the recipe from bourrke street bakery and altered it to light rye with walnuts and flax.








I ordered to big bags of whole rye and white hard winter wheat  berries from a local grain store. i like helping out the little places. I plan to make some 100 % rye bread and other breads with freshly ground flours……still waiting for my order to get here.