I was Going to show you a 100% rye bread but it didn’t seem to turn out right or that’s what i thought. So i made a different bread. This is a recipe of my own making. This recipes is great but still needs a few adjustments.

Triple grain sourdough


78 g wheat bran

60 g corn meal

20 g flax seed

140 g Boiling water

Cover for 12 hours

Final Dough

289 g Bread flour

189 g Freshly ground rye flour

328 grams freshly ground hard white wheat

44 g corn meal

504 g water

18 g salt

36 grams molasses

260 grams %100 hydrated sourdough starter

-Mix flour and water till combined and let it sit covered for 20-30 minutes.

– Then combine every thing except the soaker and knead with mixer for 6 minutes or by hand for 10 minutes till medium gluten is formed. it will be sticky so if you doing it by hand you will have to use the french fold style.  towards the end mixing add in the soaker til combined with the dough about a 1 minute of mixing.

– Put in oiled container in a warm spot for 2 hours with stretch and fold at 30, 60 and 90.

-Divide dough in half and preshape and cover for 20 minutes. Then shape and put in your floured banneton basket and prove for 2 hours score and bake at 425 for 15 minutes with steam and 15 to 20 mintets without steam.Rotate half way for even browning.